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Title: MacroGoblin v2.8.0.4 Released
Post by: Jack on June 07, 2010, 09:39:00 AM
MacroGoblin Released

This should now be downloadable in "My Downloads". Uninstall the old version before installing this one..

This is a large feature upgrade for the MacroGoblin program. The MacroGoblin program runs all of the bots available here.
Bot designers will find many new features and functions available.

Bot users will not need to upgrade to this version to run their favorite bots but you're encouraged to do so.  Future bots may require this version or higher to run properly.

Installing the New Version

The information in this change log is primarily for bot designers and modifiers. Regular bot users do not need to understand this technical information.  

Change Highlights

More detailed information on the changes can be found Here (