Author Topic: MacroGoblin v1.5.0.0 Released (Test Version)  (Read 2558 times)

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MacroGoblin v1.5.0.0 Released (Test Version)
« on: October 18, 2007, 03:41:32 AM »

MacroGoblin Released - Test Version

This is a large feature test release that is meant to be a lead up to MacroGoblin 2.0. It is an intermediate version for testing but
should also be usable for those who want to make macros with the new features. Full Members should go here for more detailed information:

Major Highlights
  • Complex math and text expressions are usable in all commands.
  • Hotkeys - with unlimited key combos possible, and optional key-catching.
  • Clients can now control other clients and the host using most commands.
  • You can now set the value of a computer's global variables from other computers
  • Buttons can now be On/Off toggle type.
  • Hotkeys, Buttons, and Pixel Monitors now have action lists so they can do multiple things when activated.
  • New MacroGoblin settings page was created with more options (Tools => Program and Macro Settings).
  • Small information Icons were added almost everywhere. To get information from them move the mouse cursor over them.
  • Many more mouse click options were added.
  • An aquire window button was created for setting up program windows in just one click
  • Many new useful functions usable in expressions (including random number generation)
  • The MacroGoblin client window has been reduced in size and simplified.

Minor Highlights
  • You can now create your own key-combo for stopping everything (Tools => Program and Macro Settings).
  • You can now give each client computer it's own window title in it's computer setup.
  • Variable types have been simplified. Now there is only Number, Text, and Boolean types.
  • The computer or window that a command uses is now selectable in each command setup window instead of a separate window.
  • All setup options for commands have been modularized for consistency, familiarity and adding future commands easier.
  • New Commands Include: 'Switch Button ON' , 'Switch Button OFF', 'Loop a Routine Simultaneously', 'Activate Hotkey', 'Deactiveate Hotkey', 'Run a MacroGoblin Function'
  • The 'Find Window' and 'Find All Windows' commands have been removed because windows have been found automatically for some time now. MG will attempt to find the window automatically any time the window is used in a command or object.
  • The 'Hold a Key Down' and 'Release a Key' commands have been consolidated into the 'Press Key(s)' command. The type of keypress is an option.
  • Subconnections are removed. They were an unneeded complication with little benefit and often confused people new to MG.
  • In the 'Start a New Program' command, you can now send the program startup arguments.
  • You can now load up a macro automatically on MacroGoblin startup (Tools => Program and Macro Settings).