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MacroGoblin v1.8.0.0 Released - Test Version
« on: November 13, 2007, 03:49:51 AM »
MacroGoblin Released - Test Version

This should now be downloadable in "My Downloads".

This is another large feature upgrade (test release) that is part of a series of upgrades leading to MacroGoblin 2.0. It is an  intermediate version for testing but should also be usable for those who want to make macros with the new features. If you find a bug  please post it in the Test Release section or send it to [email protected] Members can download the test in "MyDownloads".

This upgrade's main purpose was to provide many different mechanisms for making game-bots extremely simple for new users to set up. If  the bot creator uses it correctly a person can successfully set up a bot without any prior knowledge of MacroGoblin. There is a new bot  available to showcase this.

Remember: Old files will not run in these new test versions. However, new versions of the game bots will be created before the release  of MG 2.0. Regardless, you can have both the old MG and the new test MG installed on your computer at the same time. This means that  you can still play the old bots on the old version while you use the new version for other things.

  • Settings are completely redone. The end result is that a bot maker can create very powerful and specific settings for the macro user  resulting in an easier time for the macro user. Pre-made bots will now be much easier to set up without any prior MacroGoblin  knowledge.
  • Communication between a host and client has been enhanced. When setting the coordinates of something that belongs on the client  computer, such as a mouse click command, you will now do it on the client computer instead of the host computer. The same goes for  aquiring a window, a recording, pixel monitor coordinates, areas, colors, etc.
  • You can now move the MacroGoblin program around the screen by dragging the inside of it's Interface. Now using MacroGoblin without  a title bar is much more managable.
  • The MacroGoblin Login window has been redesigned.
  • Recordings can now record just key strokes, just mouse clicks, or both.
  • You can now record a routine on a computer other than the computer that owns the routine. The result will be a routine with many  live commands. This is now an option in the Recording Options.
  • Lists/Arrays - There are now two more types of variables - 'Number Lists' and 'Text Lists'. Lists (also called arrays) store  organized lists of information. This is for advanced users who are familiar with variables. Lists store lists of information such as  lists of coordinates, waypoints, etc. Please see new documentation for information regarding List usage.
  • You can now specify a startup routine for your macro. This is often useful to initilialize the bot in certain ways. It will start  the specified routine when the .mg file is loaded.
  • If MacroGoblin is in Host Mode you'll now get more information in the status bar about how many clients are connected and if the  server is currently on.
  • New Command: Advanced Keypress - This command lets you press keys based on the text that you give it. For instance giving it the  text "A+B" will press the letters A and B. This is useful in conjunction with Settings to get keys from the user to map for certain  purposes (such as targetting).
  • New command: Clear Live Command Buffer - If you want a client or host to stop executing Live commands immediately you can use this  command.

Other Changes
  • You can now change a label's text from a client computer routine.
  • You can now change a label's background color from a client computer routine.
  • A client pixel monitor can now update a label on the host with the current pixel color automatically.
  • You can now abort a called routine. Then the calling routine will continue executing the routine that called routine
  • When waiting from input from a client computer the host will present you with a "Waiting for Client Input" window.

Bug Fixes
  • You can now properly set the value of a boolean variable to True or False, using the Set Variable Value command.
  • The Host was not waiting properly after sending live commands to a client with pauses in it.

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