Author Topic: MacroGoblin v2.0.2.0 Released  (Read 3721 times)

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MacroGoblin v2.0.2.0 Released
« on: April 10, 2008, 07:15:09 PM »
MacroGoblin Released

This should now be downloadable in "My Downloads". Uninstall the old version before installing this one.

This is a small update that added some useful functions, and command changes. All new functions and command changes are described in detail in the MacroGoblin manual.

  • Documentation - There is new documentation in the manual on how to use options, use macro settings, create new macro settings, import macro components, and export file components.
  • Command Execution - If a command is configured not to execute when a routine runs then it will not execute after the macro file has been saved and reloaded as well.
  • Type Phrase (New Line) - The "Type Phrase" command will type the Enter key when it encounters real new line characters in the text it is given.
  • Type Phrase (Constants) - The "Type Phrase" command will now recognize certain text constants and type the appropriate key when they are encountered. "<ENTER>" types Enter, "<TAB>" types tab, "<ESC>" types escape, "<SP>" types the spacebar, and "<BKSP>" will type the backspace key.
  • List Value Separation - The commands "File Append List", "File Write List", and "Read File Into List" will all recognize the special constants "<ENTER>", "<SP>" and "<TAB>" as separation text. This means you can use new lines, spaces, and tab characters to separate data.
  • Check Pixel Monitor - A new function PM_Check() will immediatly force a pixel monitor to check it's Pixel(s) and test it's triggers.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem that occurs when a hotkey combination has no keys assigned to it.
  • Fixed Importing and Exporting to work properly with Hotkeys and Monitor Triggers.