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Champions Online Rage Manager
« on: May 17, 2011, 03:18:21 PM »
I didn't need anything fancy...but that's what I got.

I started out just wanting a way to keep my Rage up on my Might toon.
Cycling back and forth between Enrage refresh powers every 20 seconds gets old fast in a long dungeon.
I had my rage script tweaked and in action in about 15 minutes.

Then I started playing with the other stuff. As I type this, I have a toon farming Rhino's Lair for components for the crafted travel power...and since it is an instance....nobody can see how f'ed up my toon looks targeting. LOL

Great stuff guys. Thanks.

The only thing I worry about is, if they go will my software do online verification??
Too often software I rely on goes away.
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