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General Public Discussion / Re: Alt codes ??
« Last post by Philip K. Dick on November 28, 2018, 02:48:12 AM »
are you sure it's not an i or l? some times fonts put accent i or l in funny ways.
Thanks for letting us know oomo

I just purchased a latest year subscription for 29.50 and was able to download the latest version, which works perfectly with Windows 10.   I guess being a near 10 year old version doesn't work in Win 10.

So the solution is don't be a cheapskate and buy the latest version haha
You might want to check that your A/V software isn't marking it as a threat. If so it's a false positive and should be marked as an exception. It shouldn't require any 3rd party software to run only .net framework which is installed with Win 10 automatically.

Hrm it just does that thing in Windows 10 after you try to run it that gives you the question choice "This program installed correctly." etc but nothing starts up. Its almost like it starts then shuts down.  Does it require any other third party software?  Thank you for helping.
I don't recall 100% if there was ever a version that didnt' run on Win10. I think they all probably ran on Win10. So I think should work in Win10.

Hello Jack thanks for answering! Is that a yes that works under Windows 10 or that the latest version works under Windows 10? Thanks.
Hi, yes, many people run it on Win10
General Public Discussion / Does the latest MacroGoblin version work with Windows 10?
« Last post by oomo on November 07, 2018, 11:33:43 PM »

The last version I was entitled to was and I cannot get it run in Windows 10 no matter what.    Now I am willing to purchase the latest version IF it runs fine in Windows 10.  Can anybody confirm if the latest runs okay in Windows 10?

Thank you.
General Public Discussion / Re: ESO bot coming?
« Last post by autopsy on October 06, 2018, 12:57:41 AM »
Im playing ESO now and it is what made me think of Macrogoblin, 10 years later from everquest 2. Was hoping to find some, but I'll be happy to start working on my own again
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