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WAR Bot: WAR Goblin - Change Log
« on: September 18, 2008, 02:22:47 AM »
WAR Goblin is a Warhammer Online bot available here at MacroGoblin. For more information on this WAR bot see this Link.

This purpose of this post is to provide an updated Change Log for this Warhammer Bot.

Change Log

WAR Goblin Version
Date:  06-17-09
  • Bot is now compatible with game version 1.3+.

WAR Goblin Version
Date:  05-25-09
  • You can now do up to 99 different RvR Scenario paths at once.
  • You can now optionally choose not to auto Re-Queue RvR after you're done with a scenario. This means you can Re-Queue when you're in a safer spot on your path.
  • You can tell the bot you're using an Addon to Queue you automatically. So the bot does not do it for you.

WAR Goblin Version
Date:  03-29-09
  • Bot now has an Auto-Updater. Use it to start the bot each time.
  • In Manual Steering mode you can now choose whether you want to Choose Targets, Loot, RvR, Heal Allies and Rest.
  • You can now participate in Open RvR (not just scenarios). This option is on the Advanced Combat Settings for PvE Tab.
  • You can now Heal surrounding Allies in PvE mode.
  • You can now run up to 9 RvR Scenarios at a time (Previously 6)
  • Manual Steering mode now will handle death and zoning w/out having to restart the bot.
  • The first Waypoint in an RvR Return path must now be within 160 range from your zone spawn point in order to be considered eligible to run. This will help eliminate the possibility of running an incorrect RvR path.
  • Teleportation Detection. If a Gm Teleports you, you can set off an alarm.
  • There is now an After-Death PvE option of starting your Return path at the Nearest waypoint instead of just the first waypoint.
  • The Path Editor now has a "Switch to Main" command that will switch you from a PvE return path to your PvE main path.
  • Bot will now automatically clear object targets like doors, cannons, etc.
  • If you choose to start the bot in an RvR scenario, you'll now be prompted for the RvR Scenario path slot to load.
  • The wording of the "Rank" of an ability has been changed to "Importance". New users should grasp that word better when setting up abilites.
  • Added Clear all RvR paths button in RvR Paths Tab

  • Manual Steering mode works again in RvR and RvR Scenarios.

WAR Goblin Version
Date: 01-23-09
  • You can now do up to 6 RvR scenarios while running the bot.
  • PvP Healing of all comrades in range.
  • Lingering Player detection. Fire an alarm if someone follows you for a certain amt of time.
  • You can now choose what levels of mobs to fight. You can set this in your path too.
  • You can now turn Champ/Hero/Normal Mob fighting on and off. You can do this in your path as well.
  • You can now choose whether to pull mobs that are already low on health or not. Default is No.
  • You can now Export Paths with your character profile. This makes exchanging characters faster.
  • Close RvR msg from standing too long

WAR Goblin Version 1.4.1
Date: 11-24-08
  • You can now choose whether or not you want to attack enemy pets in RvR.
  • Increased the max range you can use for abilities.
  • NPC scan works correctly again.
  • Path editor will now tell you that you should be in game when using it instead of throwing an error.
  • Fixed an issue where buffs would not store whether it was a combat buff or not properly.

WAR Goblin Version 1.4.0
Date: 11-15-08
  • Bot will now optionally Chase and Run up to targets.
  • You can now visually see your path as you build it.
  • You can now optionally create one large boundary and many exluded regions that the bot should not run through. This is useful when chasing.
  • There is now both PvE and RvR Ability lists.
  • There is now both PvE and RvR Buff lists.
  • There is now both PvE and RvR Heal lists.
  • When you get Stuck in RVR the bot will now wait until you die or the RvR scenario ends and it will continue.
  • Improved Method to get out of Stuck
  • You can now add extra time to wait before the bot considers itself stuck (Advanced Combat Options Tab).
  • Maximum Cooldown/Duration time on Abilities, Buffs, and Heals can now be set up to 4 days.
  • The bot will now reset a few path switches each time it starts a new path. It will Stop Ignoring Mobs and it will Start Pulling mobs again each time a new path is started. To make it behave otherwise, use the proper switch again.
  • You can now select which RvR Scenario to join by clicking the right-arrow button multiple times.
  • You can now play the bot on the Test server as well.
  • Many new functions are available for routine builders that give them access to more character info.
  • Improved bot-update login window.
  • Bot should need to be updated far less often after a game client patch.

WAR Goblin Version 1.3.2
Date: 10-20-08
  • You can now tweak how the bot loots, increase decrease speed, etc.
  • The bot will no longer pull Champions or Heroes
  • You can set up the bot to not pull certain levels of mobs - see forums to see how.
  • Various internal fixes and improvements were made.

WAR Goblin Version 1.3.0
Date: 10-16-08
  • You can now Record your paths automatically.
  • You can now reverse a path.
  • You can Stop bot after a certain amt of time.
  • The bot now ensures your log files are turned on. It will turn them on for you if not.
  • You can now add unlimited phrases that will trigger the Alarms.
  • Pressing F7 will stop the alarm without stopping the bot. Good for when gold spammers trigger the alarm and you  just want to turn off the alarm without stopping the bot.
  • Bot no longer uses Potions in RvR.
  • Bot now waits 3s after fighting to let the mob drop to the ground.
  • You can now search for NPCs at certain positions in your path. This makes questing, and finding healers much easier.
  • Adjustments were made to clicking the resurrection button.

WAR Goblin Version 1.2.0
Date: 10-11-08
  • Bot will now cast all non-combat buffs each time you start it.
  • Improvments made to zoning between RvR and PvE zones.
  • Bot was made quicker in many different functions.
  • Bot should now properly rebuff after dying.
  • Fixed a bug in the alarm routines.
  • Bot should clear dead mob targets more reliably for those having issues with it.

WAR Goblin Version 1.1.0
Date: 10-06-08
  • Many windows have had their titles removed.
  • Many internal and external changes to help avoid detection from PB.
  • Bot should now remove target after looting if a dead mob is targeted.

WAR Goblin Version 1.0.6
Date: 10-03-08
  • Bot handles multiple mobs at once better.
  • Added some help text to some areas in the bot settings.
  • Some adjustments were made to the fight method
  • Quite a few changes made in the zoning procedures.
  • Bot now uses Tilda (by default) to close Scenario Stat window.
  • Bot should not register as stuck when zoning after just dying.

WAR Goblin Version 1.0.4
Date: 09-29-08
  • You can now add some extra wait time after zoning into RvR zones or back to Normal PvE. See the RvR Scenario Tab  for this.
  • Adjusted some of the mouse clicks to close the Group Window in RvR and the RvR Stats window after zoning back to PvE.
  • After death, bot starts return path at first waypoint instead of nearest waypoint.
  • Bot will not switch out of target sometimes while pulling in PvE.

WAR Goblin Version 1.0.2
Date: 09-28-08

  • Zoning to RvR Scenarios and back should be more smooth and consistent.
  • Long pauses can be used again while waiting for RvR Scenarios.
  • You can now, optionally, turn off stuck detection in RvR Scenarios.
  • You should no longer get "stuck" when zoning.

WAR Goblin Version 1.0.0
Date: 09-27-08
  • RvR scenarios should now function correctly in Open RvR Servers.
  • If you're on Manual Steering Mode you'll no longer need to choose a path on startup.
  • Fixed a key-map translation error for the Spacebar.

WAR Goblin Version 0.9.7
Date: 09-26-08
  • RvR Scenarios Implemented - PvE and do RvR Scenarios all at once.
  • Optionally Zoom out after all deaths/zones
  • Now, choose which client (US/EU) in a drop-down box.
  • Added Purge Log Files button
  • Added Purge Game Data button
  • RvR Scenarios have their own Main Path and Return Path
  • You can now add a step to your paths that will Loot PQ Chests.
  • Many other improvements...

WAR Goblin Version 0.9.6
Date: 09-22-08
  • Fixed an EU Client bug that caused the bot to get an error when trying to click the resurrect button.

WAR Goblin Version 0.9.5
Date: 09-22-08
  • Bot now detects Line-of-Site with 100% accuracy.
  • You can add Right Mouse Clicks to your paths. This is great for opening doors.
  • The transit path drop-down box is now refreshed after using the Return Path editor.

WAR Goblin Version 0.9.0
Date: 09-19-08
  • Bot now uses Morale Abilities, Heals, and Buffs. You choose the Morale Rank.
  • Bot should now properly clear the death-count after death, and revive if desired.

WAR Goblin Version 0.8.5
Date: 09-17-08
  • You can now Gather/Scavenge/Butcher
  • Bot will now prompt you to change window title if you have not.
  • Bot no longer needs to click Loot All button to Loot All
  • Commas in Ability names will no longer cause errors.
  • You should be able to see the full path location of your log file in setup now after choosing it.
  • A mob-distance calculation bug was fixed.
  • Bot now correctly tells you how to change window name if needed.
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