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Best Macro Program ever seen
« on: June 20, 2013, 01:53:22 PM »
This is hands down the best macro program I have ever encountered.
It is easy to learn and make your own bots with ease, Allowing you to make a lot of features with not scripting at all.

The Pixel Monitoring is also the best I have ever seen. I used to use ACTOOL But it had very limited shades of colors. With no Area Monitoring only single pixel. Also ACTOOL is detected by most Anti-Hack programs the games have.

   I have yet to see a game that detects MacroGoblin as a hack tool.

I can only use basic features of the bot as I do not know any coding or using Memory Addresses. And still it is very effective.

The program never skips a beat, never crashes, never gives errors. Just a nice Smooth Program built to make macro-ing easy for everyone.

I purchased this bot for the GW2 bot, But has grown into much much more then just GW2.

     Thank You MacroGoblin!
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