Author Topic: Year-2 customer testimonial 7/31/13  (Read 2451 times)

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Year-2 customer testimonial 7/31/13
« on: August 01, 2013, 01:09:53 AM »
I've renewed once more making this year-2 of my MacroGoblin experience, and I can promise you that for as long as I will be playing MMO's, I will be continuing to renew my subscription. I come from an amateurish scripting background from the text based game days, so I'm pretty familiar with perl, lua, etc. The fact that MacroGoblin allows me to not only function as a recording device and macro device, but also allows me to write my own scripts? Well that's pretty tremendous software.

The pros of this software and it's uses are really too great in number for me to give it any real justice. What's really neat too is let's say you let the subscription lapse, you may not get Jack's custom made plugin updates but you still get an amazing tool to write your own scripts and macros with. 

While often the case is you wait for someone else to write a script (bot) for you to capitalize on in your favorite game, what really makes this software so great is that you can take it entirely into your own hands and write everything from scratch yourself, custom made, for any game, software, operating system, etc.

Moral to the story, if you want a powerful tool to help you champion your gaming experience, stop debating and just purchase. You won't regret it. This is the real deal.
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