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Year 3 Testimonial
« on: October 07, 2014, 03:27:58 PM »
   I originally purchased MacroGoblin for the GW2 bot that came with it. I had no idea the capabilities of this program until 1 day I decided to fiddle around.
Within just an hour or 2 I was already making a useful macro with just Routines and Key Strokes. Over time I learned more and more about the program and hands down it is THE BEST macro program I have ever used. Without any Coding or Scripting knowledge you can create a very complex and very powerful macro with ease. I have been using MacroGoblin ever since I purchased it and every day I start to love it more and more. There is really just so many uses for this program it would be impossible to state them all, You just need an imagination and know what is possible.

   I mainly use this to automate things for games, Such as MMO's ETC. Of course some MMO's are really limited on what you can do with a macro such as Tera Rising Online. It is pretty much impossible to make 1 good feature because of how they developed the game. However a game like KnightOnline there was a lot you could do. Below is a list of features I was able to create for KnightOnline with 0 Scripting or Coding knowledge.

Auto Sprint
Auto LightFeet
Auto Attack (Z11, Used for Archers.)
Auto Combo (R Skill R, Used for any class that can combo, Although you need to tweak the speeds for certain Classes/Weapons.)
Auto Saftey
Auto Evade
Auto Scroll
Auto Shield (If HP is less than, It will open your inventory, right click on the shield slot and close the inventory practically instantly.)
Auto Repair (Periodically it will open your inventory for a quick flash, During this a pixel monitor views both weapon slots. If one of them is red it will use a magic hammer to repair.)
Auto Town (Timer, HotKey, or if you run out of Arrows, Pots, ETC. When it is triggered it will Press enter, type /town and enter again practically instantly.)
Auto Potion (Reads the memory address for HP and MP.)
Auto Heal (For priest, Will read the memory address for HP on each party slot. If HP is less than then it will target the player using the party window clicking the correct slot and heal them.)
Auto Buff (For priest, Every 2 minutes it will cycle through the party window clicking each slot and trying to buff the player.)
Auto Party (Must be in a clan. The party leader will periodically open the clan menu and send invites to everyone online 1 by 1.
Auto Party Accept (A pixel monitor is used to tell when the dialog box appears when an invite is sent and clicks accept.)
Auto Merchant (I only made this for selling +8's, It gets annoying when people buy the first 4 items then the others are unseen. Not only that you could have to remerch many times as they usually sell fast. Periodically or pressing a hotkey it will close the current merchant stand, type /merchant and click selling merchant. It then uses every inventory slot as a potential +8 right clicking every slot and inputting the price you decided. Allowing you to sell an entire inventory of +8's while AFK opposed to just 1 merchant stand.)
Auto Feed (For Auto Loot pets, It will read the memory address for your pet, If his hunger is less than what you decide it will open the pet menu and feed him.

   There are some more features that I cannot think of off the top of my head but I was able to do all this with 0 Coding Knowledge or macro Scripting Knowledge. The macro program is undetectable for any game, I have personally tried a lot. MacroGoblin makes it easy for anyone to make a very complex macro with out having to Script or Code a single thing. It is way more effective then ACTool or AutoIT and is 1000 times easier to learn, And unlike them you do not need to put it all into 1 script, then look through it for errors when there is a problem, Each one of these features I made are separate and will not interfere with others. They are also enabled/disabled using the GUI buttons you can create with the macro program.
If say, Auto Attack is only pressing Z and not 1, Then it is as simple as going to the routine and adding a keystoke, No searching through the other features or script is needed.

  Don't get me wrong, this Program is useful for much more than just botting games. There is so many uses for this other than games. Want to open a file or program with the press of a button? No problem. Sick of deleting all your emails yourself? No problem. From the littlest to the biggest things, MacroGoblin makes it possible. I love MacroGoblin and will use it for any of my macro needs. I LOVE YOU MACROGOBLIN