Author Topic: MacroGoblin v2.5.6.1 Released  (Read 9136 times)

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MacroGoblin v2.5.6.1 Released
« on: October 07, 2009, 10:07:10 AM »
MacroGoblin Released

This should now be downloadable in "My Downloads".

Make sure you're running this version of MacroGoblin. To check what version you have start the MacroGoblin program w/out loading up a bot or using a bot launcher. Then go to Main Menu -> Help -> About MacroGoblin.

Uninstall the old MacroGoblin version before installing this one.
You can do this from the control panel in Windows.

  • Lets the user choose a login server. This is good for if the login server or website needed to change domains, etc.
  • Fixes a crash that happened in

Also, don't forget that MacroGoblin now has a Twitter account. This will let you get up-to-date information if there are ever any server problems. You'll want to bookmark this twitter page: