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Aion Bot: Aion Goblin - Change Log
« on: October 15, 2009, 09:10:20 AM »
Aion Goblin is an Aion bot available here at MacroGoblin. For features, videos, and more information about this bot please see this link:

This purpose of this post is to provide an updated Change Log for this Aion Bot.

Aion Goblin Change Log

Aion Goblin v1.3.1.0

Date: 09/25/2011
A new bot version and bot launcher was just released. You'll need to download the new bot launcher from the usual place on the forum Right Here. Then run it and let it auto-update to version of Aion Goblin.

This Aion Goblin bot update fixes a few bugs for the bot.
  • The issue that some people have had with the bot giving an F1 target-self error should be resolved.
  • The bot will now detect if there are multiple instances of Aion on your computer and tell you to remove unneeded instances before restarting the bot.
  • Fixed a rare crash that happened when closing the HUD window.

Aion Goblin v1.3.0.6

Date: 08/08/2010
This is a large feature upgrade for the Aion Goblin bot. If you do not want to upgrade then version will still be supported. If you do upgrade make sure to let the Launcher backup your files for you.

New Features/Improvments:
  • Ground Harvesting Improved.
  • Aether Harvesting Added.
  • Combat Skill Reactives Added.
  • Flying Waypoints Added.
  • Revamped Path Editor with many more options
  • Avoids Harvest/Aether stealing
  • Add Select Target by name steps to your path
  • There are now many more ways to navigate back to the path after a fight.
  • Optionally set many bot settings dynamically in your path.
  • Many more path commands are available in the path editor, including flight commands.
  • There are 2 different Harvesting/Gathering methods you can choose from.
  • The bot will now perform chains longer that 5 skills long.
  • Some People's chat log file was named Chat.txt instead of Chat.log. The bot now looks for both files.
  • You can now optionally choose to Cast Return when the bot is finished. (See Advanced Pathing Tab)
  • You can now optionally choose to Close the game when the bot is finished. (See Advanced Pathing Tab)
  • When you reach your Max Deaths count the bot will now attempt to revive you then stop instead of just stopping.
  • You can now optionally jump occasionally while traveling. You can set this up in the Advanced Pathing Tab.
  • Various Bug Fixes.

Aion Goblin v1.1.1.0

Date: 10/20/2009
Aion Goblin v1.1.1.0 Released. There is a new Pet Sub-Tab in the Combat Tab. Pet heals are set up on the Heal tab however. When setting up combat abilities there's a new Advanced Tab for the new ability options. If you're using pets, make sure to assign all the keys you need to as it tells you to on the Pet Tab.

  • PvP - The bot will now PvP if you want it to. To enable it look at the Advanced Combat Tab.
  • Pet Resummon - The bot will now detect if your pet is alive/dead and it will resummon it if dead or non-existant.
  • Pet Assisting - When the bot is done fighting a target, it will check to see if your pet is attacking something. If it is then it will assist the pet.
  • Pet Aggro Detection - If your pet grabs aggro from something, the bot will detect it and assist the pet.
  • Pet Heals - You can now use Pet Heals. To set them up go to the Heals tab. When selecting Heal Type choose "Pet Heal".
  • Opener Abilities - You can now choose whether an ability will be used just 1x per fight. This is great for designating an ability as an opener.
  • Required Abilities - You can now choose whether an ability must be available to use for the bot to pull. This can ensure that the bot always opens with the same ability if you want. The bot will not Pull until the ability is available, so use carefully.
  • You can now make an ability only usable when a mob's health is above a certain percent. This is good if you don't want to use powerful abilities right as a mob is about to die.
  • Advanced Users - You can now make an ability run a routine instead of just pressing a keyboard key. This can be used for many things including making a "Step Back" routine to increase distance between you and the mob. Use as a chain with certain stuns, roots, etc and it can be a powerful combo.
  • Some dead-time was removed from ability usage. This means you can cast many quick abilities faster. However, now you'll need to watch your insta-cast abilities. Some are not truely instant and you may want to give them a casting time of 0.5+ seconds.
  • If you choose Fight Style #2 "Cycle Through all Available Abilities in order of Importance" it will now start at the beginning of this cycle at the start of each fight. The cycle is basically reset.
  • The bot should now prompt you to update game data after a game patch more reliably.
  • Function Aion_GetTargetDistance() will now work for bot modders.
  • The bot will now obey the avoid mob by level command and avoid mob by name command even if the user puts those commands at the end of their path.
  • The bot will no longer attempt to target things while buffing.

Aion Goblin v1.0.2.0
Date: 10/15/2009
Aion Goblin v1.0.2.0 Released. It contains a number of improvements that will help keep you from getting stuck. The new Path Boundaries and Path Exclusion Regions can be made in the path editor by clicking the Advanced Pathing Options checkmark.

  • Path Boundaries - You now have the ability to optionally make a boundary for your path. A boundary is a border that goes around your path. The bot will not pull mobs beyond the boundary. If a mob moves past a boundary during a fight the bot will ignore it until it is back within the boundary. This feature is great for telling the bot where it should not go! You can now make paths around cliffs, mountains, etc, without much worry.
  • Path Exclusion Regions - You now have the ability to optionally make multiple exclusion regions for your paths. An Excluded Region is an area on the map that the bot will avoid. It will not pull mobs from this area, nor will it chase things into this area. This is great for mapping out objects including trees, fences, or other things that the bot could get stuck in. Now you can safely make paths around those obstacles.
  • Bot Monitor will now tell you what it's attempting to do if it's stuck and trying to get out of stuck.
  • Bot now has more exaggerated moves when attempting to get unstuck.

Aion Goblin v1.0.0.0
Date: 10/09/2009
Aion Goblin v1.0.0.0 Released.

  • The bot can now detect any chat text by reading Aion's Log file! This is a great protection mechanism. It will really reduce your chances of getting caught botting.
  • You can now give the bot a list of phrases that will make the bot sound an alarm and Stop, and a separate list of phrases that will start an alarm but NOT stop the bot. The phrases are NOT case sensitive.
  • Bot modders will be happy to see the addition of 3 new functions they can use. Namely, Aion_Get_Target_Level(), Aion_Get_Target_Name(), Aion_Get_Target_Health().
  • Excluding mobs by name and level should be more reliable.
  • Bot will now show it's current version and MacroGoblin's current version in the options window (main tab).

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