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AoC Bot: AoC Goblin - Change Log
« on: August 04, 2008, 07:16:43 AM »
AoC Goblin is an Age of Conan bot available here at MacroGoblin. For features, videos, and more information about this bot please see this link:

This purpose of this post is to provide an updated Change Log for this AoC Bot.

AoC Goblin Change Log

AoC Goblin Version
Date: 9-26-2011
  • Fixed a bug associated with leaving the options window up and starting the bot.
  • Fixed a rare crash that occured when closing the HUD window.<
  • Manual Steering Mode (aka Combo-Master Mode) is tested and working properly.

AoC Goblin Version
Date: 7-04-2010
  • Fixed web links in setup window
  • Fixed Harvesting to work with most recent game patch

AoC Goblin Version
Date: 6-24-09
  • The bot is now compatible with AoC Game Client 1.05
  • You can now avoid mobs by their name. Just add the name to the "Avoid Mob List"

AoC Goblin Version
Date: 4-27-09
  • By default, the bot now continually looks for mobs and pulls them if found.
  • You should now turn AutoTarget OFF in game.
  • You can now choose to fight PCs (PvP).
  • Ignore mobs option now works better and can be turned on/off in your paths.
  • Pull Mobs option now works better and can be turned on/off in your paths.
  • To avoid pulling Guards use "Pull Mob:False" in your path until guard is not in range.
  • You can now choose to switch your weapon back and forth for an ability. This is good for tanks pulling with a crossbow, etc.
  • Dead mobs are cleared more reliably.
  • Optionally run a routine if player is detected.
  • Optionally run a routine if Teleportation is detected.

AoC Goblin Version
Date: 3-15-09
  • The bot is now a Full Memory reading bot.
  • The bot now has an auto-updater/installer. Use this to start the bot.
  • You can now Run up to Targets.
  • Bot will optionally not hit mobs that are already under attack by others.
  • You can set a Min/Max level of mobs to kill.
  • Revamped Path Editor. Record your paths, and much more.
  • Harvesting reliability greatly improved.
  • Lingering Player Detection
  • Teleportation Detection
  • GM Text Detection
  • Switch to Main added to Path Editor
  • Disconnect AutoLogin
  • Ground Target Spells and Instant Spells added to Abilites

AoC Goblin Version 3.2.4
Date: 8-30-08
  • Bot will now prompt you to change process name if you have not.
  • Bot will now prompt you to change window title if you have not.
  • The bot now shows AoC Goblin announcements when it starts.
  • You can now scan for multiple text colors that will sound the GM Text Alarm.

AoC Goblin Version 3.2.2
Date: 8-18-08
  • Bot now stores keyboard settings in the Keyboard.ini file. You will rarely if ever need to redo Keyboard maps for the bot.
  • You can now open the HUD window from the main bot interface.
  • You can now optionally turn off Stuck detection (Advanced Options).
  • You can now optionally turn off Tombstone recovery (Advanced Options).
  • You can now set a maximum amount of deaths you will allow before the bot stops.
  • HUD now displays mob type for target.
  • Auto ReLogin on disconnect has been improved and revamped.
  • There is now more information on Auto-Relogin in the HUD window if using it.

AoC Goblin Version 3.2.0
Date: 8-06-08
  • Rest should work more reliably and will be used up to 2x each time if needed.
  • Adjusted the spots that the bot tries to click when trying to manually target a harvest node that does not auto-target.
  • Slightly increased the time between the end of fighting and looting. For a higher chance of resting success.
  • On the bot Main interface, changed the transit button to say "Start Transit" to show it's only meant to run Transit paths and not for normal bot operation.

  • Fixed a prob with recovering tombstone. The bot would not stop to do it occasionally.

AoC Goblin Version 3.1.5
Date: 8-03-08
  • You can now specify whether a combo/spell is Normal, Instant, or Ground Target.
  • You can select the type of combo or spell it is after a UI-Scan, Manual combo setup, or in the Combat Options window.
  • You can set up a Ground-Target Spell Click position in Combat Options.
  • You can now specify a stamina and/or power percent to start using white attacks in Combat Options
  • If you are a ranger and using bow-combat, Auto-UI scan now asks you for the greyed-out melee button during the UI scan.
  • Using Alt bar should be much quicker.
  • After 10 mins of fighting bot should move around some in case a mob is stuck.
  • You can now configure the auto-face white attack timing in Combat Options.
  • Your character will use white attacks more reliably at low stamina and mana.

  • Fixed a bug with some classes not using white attacks properly when power/stamina is low.
  • You can now map the key for changing weapons.

AoC Goblin Version 3.1.0
Date: 7-31-08
  • Bot now picks up tombstone after death. Most code provided by Scholar - Thanks.
  • If bot sees no node at a harvest step, it will attempt to find one by clicking. - Thanks for suggestion Nichts
  • Improved manual setup interface.
  • Bot now asks if you want to check for game data when loaded. The 'Update bot from website' button has been moved to advanced options. You can toggle this on and off in the Options menu.
  • Added help links in many places.
  • Added more info in HUD, including if ranger has bow equiped or not.
  • Bot should now double tap more reliably. As a result auto-facing should work better in casters and rangers.
  • Bot should now perform random melee white attacks more reliably.
  • Combo using characters can now choose a percent stamina at which white attacks only will be used.
  • Power using characters can now choose a percent power at whch white attacks only will be used.
  • Added a number of things to Auto-UI-Setup and Manual UI-Setup to make things more clear for the first time user.

  • Count boxes are now bigger showing entire number.
  • Fixed a bug that was attempting to use LL and LR attacks, when doing random white attacks, even if the Extended Hotbar was disabled.

AoC Goblin Version 3.0.0
Date: 7-25-08
  • Bot no longer montitors health during travel in combo-master mode.
  • Auto-Looting, Auto-Turning in combat, and Auto-Resting is now optional for Combo Master Mode
  • You can now run a MG routine after a GM Detected to make it do whatever you wish.
  • If you get stuck, bot now tells you which step on the main path you're on.
  • If bot is started at nearest waypoint it will now scan all previous steps to make sure the proper path-switches are on or off.
  • You can now make switch on and off "Pull all Targets" in your path
  • Fancy new bot main interface
  • Displays number of harvests, loots, deaths, and fights on main Bot interface
  • Bot uses a new plugin (AoC Goblin Plugin). All functions start with "AG_" now.
  • Bot stores character settings a bit differently now. You should have to re-make character settings less often after a bot update.
  • You can now select one of many transit paths and run it. There is a transit path manager to help you sort this all out. There is a drop-down box on the main bot interface to select a path, and a go button to run that path.
  • Target and Pull step in path creator.
  • You can now specify a Pull Method to be used in the "Target and Pull" path step. To do this make sure you have set up a pull method in Options -> Combat Options
  • GM Text Monitoring - Option to alert you and stop the bot if you're not fighting and it see's orange GM Text. You can change the text color as well. You can find this option in Options -> Advanced Options -> GM Text Detection
  • Much better ranger bow-combat.
  • Many new AoC Goblin plugin functions available for use.
  • Moved post combat routine to work after resting/looting.
  • Moved key mapping in before ui scan because buttons are nessesary for ui scan.
  • Set default loops to 100.
  • UI Scan has more detailed info on Failure.
  • You now change loop amount in Options/Settings.
Bug Fixes
  • Bot no longer registers a single death 5x in the counter.
  • When you load a character profile.. update the controls on the options window
  • When adding a routine in Path creator, the name entry window will no longer be in the background.
  • Should have fixed a bug that would very occasionally skip a harvest node if a fight was started.
  • Monitoring Health during travel should no longer interfere with the Ignore Aggro option.
  • Should have fixed a very occasional prob with the bot thinking it's stuck after death.

AoC Goblin Version 2.8.0
Date: 7-17-08

  • You can specify a pre-combat MG routine. It will optionally run at the start of each fight.
  • You can specify a post-combat MG routine. It will optionally run at the end of each fight.
  • You can specify a post-death MG routine. It will optionally run after you die (after resting and buffing)

  • Fixed a few rare harvesting bugs.
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